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UBIQUITI :: Unify USG-Pro4 and Express VPN over VLAN

After endlessly trolling around the internet trying to find a config setup for Unifi USG-Pro4 to tunnel some of my traffic over a VPN via a VLAN I have finally come up with this. Go watch this guys video to the point of welling up a VLAN, and Wireless network then use this config for…
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MSCRM :: IntelliSence for Dynamics 365

How to configure intellisence with XRM syntaxes in your Jscript/TypeScript files. To enable IntelliSence, you need to install xrm npm package to your Visual Studio. Steps to install NPM package: To install npm package, you need to download and install a Visual Studio extension : Package Installer Post installation, from your Visual Studio, select ‘Quick Install Package’ from…
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MSCRM :: Python WebApi

For a while now I have been playing around with this project, and although it is not complete I have found it very useful. See my code below.

MSCRM :: Xrm.WebApi Dealing withh different firls types

After getting extreamly frustrated and not being able to find and help/blogs regarding this topic here is the information that defines how to deal with different fields types when creating a data object for either Xrm.WebApi.createrecord, or Xrm.WebApi.updaterecord.    

MSCRM :: External Auth for Dynamics 365 Portals

Original Post. LinkedIn plays a big role in the professional industry as this application really has a huge network, and lots of businesses uses this to build new relationships with customers, as well as prospect companies.  LinkedIn integration with CRM Portals or Adxstudio Portal lets you Sign In on Portals with LinkedIn Account as a…
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MSCRM :: Liquid – Check is user has a role type

has_role While working of my portal i needed to query what type of “Web Role” a user had, this allowed me to create extra functionality in my portal from changing what information was displayed on a page, to adding an additional menu to the Nav. You will need to create a new “Web Role” in…
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MSCRM :: Documentation for Dynamics 365 Web Portals

MSCRM :: Clear Dynamics 365 Portal Cache

Sometime if we do any changes in Dynamics CRM portal it wont get reflected immediately, this is due to cache. For this we need to restart the portal from the O365 console. There is a easyer way to clear cache without restarting server or browser. Step 1: Navigate to your portal url Step 2:…
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